1. I came across these magnificent pieces of artwork a few months back and they’ve been languishing on my desktop ever since. Now I feel I just have to share them with you because frankly, they’re wonderful. 

    Painted by the comic book artist and illustrator Ron Embleton they ran as part of the closing credit sequence for the hugely popular Gerry Anderson TV show Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons they depict the titular virtually indestructible’ hero in various states of extreme peril. Even looking at them now I can feel myself drawn back to a state of childish wonder at how exquisite they are. It’s testament to how loved the show and these scenes are that, In 2003, all ten paintings were sold at Christie’s auction house in South Kensington for between £2500 and £3500 each. Seriously, I think I would have sold a kidney to get one.

    You can view the full set of 10 here.


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